Latchi Harbour and Marina

Polis Chrysochous, Paphos

A small fishing harbour turned tourist destination, Latchi Harbour is very picturesque.

It is in the Polis Chrysochous area of Paphos district. It’s a quiet fishing port, although does get quite busy at times with visiting fishing boats and tourist cruisers.

Around the marina are a variety of fish restaurants which are open for food, drinks or just ice-cream – and the ice cream that’s sold from a counter at the end of the restaurant at the entrance to the harbour is absolutely amazing!

Its a perfect place for a pitstop for the bike club too.

Would I return?

Yes, I love the harbour.

Suitable for:

Families, couples, friends, solo, groups.

Best time to visit:

It’s open all year round, but for obvious reasons, it’s better in the summer when you can sit outside or swim in the sea.

Price range: