La Boca

Italian Resturant

Columbia Plazza, Limassol

La Boca is an interesting concept, particularly in Cyprus as locals are used to being catered for and are not used to having to do anything themselves. It’s a self-service concept, where you order and collect all of your own food and drinks. You get a card, walk up to any counter (salad, pizza, pasta, bar) order and walk away with your orders.

The idea is that you choose all of the aspects of your dish and the chefs make to your specifications. Of course, there is a range of dishes that you can just choose but you can customise the dishes as much or as little as you like.

It’s also a nice setting, the courtyard is very pretty. In the summer they often have dancing and events there too.

Would I return?

Yes, it’s a great place.

Suitable for:

Families, couples, friends, solo, groups.

Best time to visit:

It’s open all year round, but the evenings in summer when you can sit outside is the best in my opinion.